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Protective Bicycle Storage

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How secure is the Bike Shel ?

The Bikeshel can be locked closed with padlocks on each side(padlocks not provided).
For extra security, you should use your bicycle lock to lock your bike to the secure steel hoops inside the Bikeshel.

What Size tyres will fit in the Bikeshel ?

The wheel brackets in the Bikeshel are designed to park mountain bike tyres (50mm thick) and road/hybridtyres (up to 30mm thick. If your tyre size is outside these limits, let us know and we can manufacture the wheel racks to suit your specific requirements.

Is it easy to operate the Bike Shel ?

Yes, the cover on the ‘2 Bike Shel’ is light enough to be opened and closed by my 8 year old child. The 4 Bike Shels are easily opened by teenagers and adults.

What are the colour choices?

There are numerous colour combinations, (Black – recycled plastic, Green, Grey, Two tone – Pink & purple(for princesses), Black & grey, Grey & turquoise). and we are continuing to expand the colour range. – see Gallery for colours.(the colours may vary slightly from the photos).
and we are continuing to expand the colour range. – see order page.

How durable is the Bikeshel ?

The Bike Shel is moulded in LDPE(low density polyethylene), which is a plastic with excellent impact strength. It is the same plastic that is used to manufacture oil tanks, coal bunkers, wheelie bins etc. The internal framework and bicycle brackets are manufactured from high strength steel with a powder coated finish.

How do I order ?

Phone our office with your credit card and we will process your order.

How do I order if I don’t use a credit card ?

You can pay by cheque or bank transfer. Contact our sales office on (UK)0870 0340754 or (IRL)061 225005.

Is there a waiting time ?

Delivery is normally within 4-5 weeks. Special colours may take a little longer.

How is the Bike Shel delivered ?

The Bike Shel is delivered fully assembled to you by courier.

Is there any assembly required ?

No, the Bike Shel is delivered to you fully assembled, requiring only to be anchor bolted to the ground.

How do I fix the Bike Shel to the ground ?

Anchor bolts are supplied with the Bike Shel. You will need to position your Bike Shel on the ground, mark the hole positions through the base plate and drill a 12mm hole. Tap in the anchor bolts and tighten with a 19mm spanner.

Can you ship to USA ?

Yes we can ship anywhere, but additional shipping charges will apply. Email with your address and we will confirm costs.

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